Package tyrex.resource

Resource API


Interface Summary
Resource Represents an installed resource.

Class Summary
PoolLimits Represents limits placed on a connection pool.
PoolMetrics Holds metrics associated with a connection pool.
ResourceConfig Base class for a resource configuration.
Resources Represents a collection of installed resources.
ReuseOptions This class defines the reuse options.

Exception Summary
ResourceException A general exception associated with resource management.

Package tyrex.resource Description

Resource API

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2001/03/13 03:15:21 $
Assaf Arkin

Resource represents an installed resource. An installed resource has a client factory that is made available to the application, typically for JNDI, allowing it to create new connections. The client factory type depends on the type of resource in use.

An installed resource has a connection pool that manages utilization of the resource. The connection pool metrics can be obtained from PoolMetrics. This object records usage metrics for the connection pool, recording such information as the accumulated number of connections created and used, the average time a connection is used by the application or held in the pool, etc.

tyrex.resource.ResourceLimits represents limits placed on a resource. The limits are read from the configuration file and apply to the connection pool.

Resources represents a collection of installed resources. Resources are obtained from this collection by the name with which they were installed.

The deployment process uses the methods addConfiguration and listConfigurations to add and list resource configurations.

The application server uses the methods Resources.listResources() and getResource to obtain resources and make the client connection factory available to the application.

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