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   Using Tyrex
   TP Monitoring



Version 1.0.3 December 01 2005
Version 1.0.2 February 10 2005
Version 1.0.1 November 11 2003
Version 1.0 April 23 2002
Version January 11 2001
Version January 11 2001
Version September 25, 2000
Version 0.9.6 August 25, 2000
Version 0.9.5 April 10, 2000
Version 0.9.3 January 21 2000
Version 0.9.2 January 10 2000
Version 0.9.1 January 3 2000

Version 1.0.3 December 01 2005

- Fixed issue SF-1099701 Deadlock on transaction timeout.
- Slight improvement to the reporting of the unrecognised XAError.
- Moved to Ant 1.6.5 build environment.

Version 1.0.2 February 10 2005

- Fixed issue SF-815961 TransactionDomainImpl can't be terminated.
- Moved logging to be based on commons-logging instead of log4j. This enables greater deployment flexibility.
- Added support for new methods in JDBC interfaces (new in JDK 1.4.x). Changes are courtesy of Ryan Lynch
- Moved to Ant 1.6.1 and JDK 1.4.2_05 build environment.

Version 1.0.1 November 11 2003

- Modified domain schema, so data source configuration does not demand jar to be specified explicitly.
  If datasource jar and / or path not specified - the JVM classpath will simply be used. This change
  simplifies deployments into containers where URLs are hard to predict. Connector configuration still
  requires jar URL - because it loads connector descriptors from META-INF (so it needs jar itself not 
  just a java class). This suggests that the whole jar / path configuration business probably needs to be revisited
  in the future.
- Added copies of JCA and JAAS jars as they are now officially released by Sun and available for redistribution.
- Advanced to Log4j 1.2.8 release and added jar into the distribution.
- Advanced to Sun Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.1
- Advanced to Ant
- First official release by MetaBoss crew.
  May not have much improvements but significant from the handover point of view.

Version 1.0 April 23 2002

- Added Log 4 J code from Sam Ruby.
- Removed recovery code as it is experimental.
- Bug fixes
- Added workaround for Informix

Version January 11 2001

- Changed the Log system to use Log 4 J.
- Changed the XID branch and global ID generator by an UUID generator.

Version January 11 2001

- Added Recovery mechanism. Each transactional event is logged
  into a file. When the transaction service fails ( and shutdowns ),
  it is possible to restart it and to activate the recovery. In this
  case, all non completed transaction that could be commited are 
  commited ( all remote resources are invoked, all XA resources too ).
  If an error occurs or if it is not possible to commit the transaction,
  then the transaction is rolled back.
- Modified Tyrex OTS interfaces to be compliant with CORBA development rules.
  It is now possible to use Tyrex as an OTS by running it with OpenORB.

Version September 25, 2000

- Defined Castor mapping file. Ships with updated castor.0.8.8.jar 
  (different from released castor.0.8.8.jar; requires a fix to 
  Castor mapping loader that is in Castor CVS).
- tyrex.jdbc.ServerDataSource can be bound in a JNDI context with
  the underlying data source if the underlying data source implements, javax.naming.Referenceable or 
- Fixed a bug with user transaction.
- Fixed connection pooling problems with tyrex.jdbc.XADataSourceImpl
- XAConnections from tyrex.jdbc.XADataSourceImpl can now be retrieved 
  with a user name and password.
- Tomcat and Tyrex integration fixed and tested with Tomcat 3.1

Version 0.9.6 August 25, 2000

- Split server package into tm and server packages.
  The tm package contains jta specific code and 
  server packages contains transaction server code.
- Exposed JTA extensions using and interfaces.
  and implements
- Added one-phase commit optimization. If the same
  resource manager is used in a transaction 
  one-phase commit is used instead of two-phase 
- Added one-phase commit. A transaction can now be
  forced to be committed using one-phase commit
- Added asynchronous commit and rollback.

- XA resources delisted (using 
  can be used in other transactions before the 
  current transaction ends.
  (NOTE: not all xa resources support this ie the 
  current transaction has to end before the 
  delisted xa resource can be used in another 
- Delisting XA resources (using
  cause the transaction to be set as rollback only.
- Converted to use JAAS (Java 
  Authentication and Authorization Service). 
  Requires JDK 1.3  

- Fixed bugs in with Netscape 
  Directory Server 4.2 ( works)
- Added tyrex.connector which provides a generic 
  way to connect to various different types of 
  backend systems (Note: not fully supported and
- Enlisted resources 
  ( are now 
  delisted upon transaction boundaries.
- Synchronizations are always called, even if an 
  exception happens anytime during a commit or 
- XAResource forget is now only called if an 
  heuristic exception occurs.
- Various bug fixes and optimizations.


Version 0.9.5 April 10, 2000


Version 0.9.3 January 21 2000

- Modified tyrex.xml to add support for transaction
  domains and interceptors.

- Added Tyrex interceptors and provided default 
  interceptors for logging and performance 
  monitoring in package

- Added TransactionDomain. Multiple transaction 
  monitors are now supported each running within its
  own transaction domain, where all Xid are unique.
  Each domain has its own set of resource limits and 
  interceptors. Most of the functionality of 
  TransactionServer has now been placed in 

- Added package for resource factories and pool 
  management, defining the interfaces for resource 
  limits, resource pool and resouce pool manager 
  to be used across Tyrex.

- Moved all test cases to separate package tests 
  build with a separate target 'tests'.

Version 0.9.2 January 10 2000

- Upgraded to uses new MarshalInfo in Castor 0.7 
  for configuration files. Now ships with Castor 0.7.

Version 0.9.1 January 3 2000

- Added support for a general resource manager 
  architecture based on the JDBC/JMS XA data source 
  implementation. This allows the addition of further 
  resource managers.

- Tomcat now includes build-in Interceptor support, 
  eliminating the need to include webserver.jar in 
  Tomcat-Tyrex distribution.

- Fixed bug in permission checks and changed 
  permission class name to TyrexPermission.

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